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Anger Management Profile
Five Scales (Measures)
Truthfulness Scale
Anger Scale
Alcohol Scale
Drugs Scale
Anger Management Scale
Anger Management Profile (AMP)
There are several levels of Anger Management Profile (AMP) interpretation ranging from viewing the AMP as a self-report to interpreting scale elevations and scale inter-relationships.
The following table is a starting point for interpreting AMP scale scores.
Risk Category
Risk Range
Low Risk
0 - 39%
Medium Risk
40 - 69%
Problem Risk
70 - 89%
Severe Problem
90 - 100%

Truthfulness Scale: identifies denial, problem minimization and faking. It is now clear that many clients attempt to minimize their problems. A Truthfulness Scale is now a necessary component in contemporary client tests. The Anger Management Profile (AMP) Truthfulness Scale has been validated with the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI), polygraph exams, other tests, experienced staff judgment and truthfulness studies. The Truthfulness Scale has been demonstrated to be reliable, valid and accurate. In some respects the Anger Management Profile (AMP) Truthfulness Scale is similar to the MMPI’s L and F-Scales. It consists of a number of items that most people agree or disagree with.

Truth-Corrected Scores have proven to be very important for assessment accuracy. The proprietary truth-correction program is comparable to the MMPI K-Scale correction. The Anger Management Profile (AMP) Truthfulness Scale has been correlated with the 4 other scales. The Truth-Correction equation then converts raw scores to truth-corrected scores. Truth-Corrected scores are more accurate than raw scores. Raw scores reflect what the client wants you to know. Truth-Corrected scores reveal what the client is trying to hide.

Anger Scale: identifies people who are a danger to themselves and others. Violence is defined as “the expression of hostility, anger and rage through physical force directed against persons or property.” Anger can be aggression in an extreme and unacceptable form. Measuring anger propensity enables AMP users to identify people capable of harming themselves and others. Extremely angry individuals score at or above the 90th percentile on the Anger Scale and these people are often dangerous. This is a very important, yet often overlooked behavior pattern.

Anger Management Scale: measures how well the client manages anger, stress, tension and pressure. How well a person manages anger can effect their overall adjustment and mental health. Client's scoring at or below the 89th percentile would benefit from anger management classes or perhaps group counseling. A client scoring at or above the 90th percentile on the Anger Management Scale should be considered for more intensive anger management counseling. When co-occurring substance (alcohol or other drugs) use or abuse is present intervention and treatment becomes more complex. As a general rule, the higher the AMP scale score, the more severe the problem.

The Anger Management Scale does much more than just identify anger. The AMP Anger Management Scale measures how well the client manages, copes with or handles their anger.

Alcohol Scale: measures alcohol use and severity of abuse. Alcohol refers to beer, wine and other liquors. This scale measures the severity of alcohol abuse while identifying alcohol-related problems. When co-occurring, alcohol use can exacerbate anger.

Drugs Scale: measures the severity of drug (marijuana, crack, ice, LSD, cocaine, amphetamines, barbiturates and heroin) use and abuse while identifying drug-related problems. This scale is independent of the Alcohol Scale. When co-occurring, drug use can exacerbate anger.

More than just another alcohol or drug test. In addition to alcohol and drugs the Anger Management Profile (AMP) assesses other important areas of inquiry like truthfulness, denial and faking, anger issues and anger management abilities. The AMP is specifically designed screening clients with anger problems. It provides the information needed for understanding client attitudes and angry behavior.

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