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Anger Management Profile
Five Scales (Measures)
Truthfulness Scale
Anger Scale
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Anger Management Scale

Anger Management Screening
In anger management counseling, clients learn to recognize their anger triggers and symptoms so they can positively, control and manage it. Unmanaged anger leads to escalating behavior problems and irresponsible acting out. Anger management interventions, strategies, and management skills are learned.
Anger Management Profile (AMP)
The Anger Management Profile (AMP) is an anger, or more specifically "anger management," screening instrument, or test. This assessment instrument or test makes "anger" screening possible for courts, probation departments, counseling programs and mental health professionals.
Sometimes, intense anger with co-occurring disorders warrants counseling (individual or group).

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The AMP is a convenient, affordable, secure, accurate solution for today's professionals, who depend on valid, assessment instruments, or tests.
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